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A team of skilled designers, production workers and process engineers offers its industrial equipment design services. We provide projects development for different types of equipment according to the customized technical specifications and sketches as well as preparation of a complete set of design documentation from drawings to 3D models.We treat each project individually, taking into account all requirements and wishes of our customers. All drawings are prepared in strict compliance with the USDD (Unified System for Design Documentation) requirements. We apply modern design techniques that allow us to quickly and qualitatively evaluate the technological effectiveness of the design. A huge knowledge base and experience allow us to find solutions to many complex problems.We provide not only preparation of a complete set of related documents, but also maintenance of the product at all manufacturing stages.


  • We have no multidivisional structure. Each engineer effectively combines the functions of a designer and a process engineer, which allows us to minimize costs and achieve the best possible results.
  • Our specialists have evolved from universal machinists and assembly fitters to leading engineers, which allows to ensure that all projects are carried out with a clear understanding of all stages of manufacturing, assembly, adjustment and maintenance of the equipment being designed.
  • You will communicate directly with the immediate executor of your project, so you will be able to solve any issues arising in the course of work together with the engineer as soon as possible.
  • Using modern CAD tools for 3D design allows us to ensure that all projects are accompanied by creating detailed 3D models, which may be used for automatic execution of drawings, strength calculations, manufacturing of components using CNC machine, printing on 3D printers, etc.
  • Our company employs enthusiastic professionals with more than 10 years of successful experience in this field.